February Newsletter 2020

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January Newsletter 2020

New Year’s Resolution

Here are a few of the top resolutions people make each year.

  1. Spend Less/Save more
  2. Spend more time with family
  3. Lose weight / Staying fit
  4. Limit Your Time on Social Media
  5. Learn something new

All of these looks pretty good but let me suggest another resolution. Growing in our walk with God through prayer, Bible study and service. Beginning in January I will be leading a study entitled, God’s Story, your story. It will be each Sunday evening at 5:30 p.m. beginning January 12th and repeated each Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. beginning January 8th. Same study…different days.

Something to think about as we begin a new year with new possibilities!

Pastor Shafer

December Newsletter 2019

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What is important about the Christ’s Birthday Observance?
The Christ’s Birthday Observance Offering is collected the Sunday
before Christmas as a gift to the Christ Child. The money collected
touches nearly every ministry in the Church of God.

Why should our church participate in the Christ’s Birthday Observance?
• Focus on Christ during the season of Advent (which often overtaken by commercialism).
• Share the story of Christ’s birth.
• Celebrate Advent in concert with Church of God congregations around the world.
• CBO has deep roots in the Church of God. The Observance, which began in 1949, continues to be one way Church of God congregations come together for the benefit of the Kingdom.
• In addition to prayer and devotion, CBO offers an opportunity to give to the combined ministry efforts of the Church of God in the largest offering in the Church of God.
You will receive in the mail a Christ Birthday Observance letter and
envelope for the offering. There will also be extra envelopes available in the church narthex on the welcome table or you can ask an usher for one. Our church goal for the Christ Birthday Offering is $2,000.00.