May Monthly Newsletter

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Upcoming Events

Memorial Day Sunday, May 27th
9:00 am Fellowship, Coffee, Juice and Donuts
9:30 am Sunday School for all ages
10:30 am Worship/ Memorial Day Service

Join us in honoring our soldiers and those who have passed away in the last year during this special Memorial Day Service. If you have a family member who has passed away in the last year and you would like to have them recognized during the service please contact Pastor Shafer or the church office by May 24th.

Church Office
Hours: Monday-Friday 8am -Noon

Graduation Sunday, June 3rd
Fellowship 9:00 am
Sunday School 9:30 am
Worship 10:30 am

Congrats to our 2018 Graduates!
Join us in congratulating our 2018 Eleventh Street Church of God Graduates! We will have a gift for our graduates to be given during the service. Our graduates will also be given the opportunity to share where they are graduating from and any future plans.

Graduates please send a picture to Jessica if you would like your picture be apart of the PowerPoint on graduation Sunday and maybe a few words about your future plans. The church email is Your pictures will be used on the Graduation Sunday PowerPoint and Weekly Newsletter. Please send by May 28th. Also please let Jessica know of students from our church who are graduating this year. We want to make sure we are not leaving anyone out.

Fun in the Son Saturday, June 9th 
4:00- 7:00 PM at 3151 Faircrest St. SW Canton, OH, 44706
Free Event for the Community sponsored by the Eleventh Street Church of God. Like the Eleventh Street Church of God on Facebook for more onfo and fun events coming this summer.
Fill out the wavier form for the NEO Bubble Soccer before June 9th to move through the line faster. Learn more and Fill out the wavier on their website
Live Music by Chloe Fuller
Jonathan White Concert Sunday, June 10th at 10:30 am

March Newsletter 2018


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Journey to the Resurrection

Lent is the Christian season of preparation before Easter. The goal is to strengthen our faith, spiritual disciplines and develop a closer relationship with God. The choice to observe Lent is a personal one—the whole point is to focus your heart and mind on Jesus during the journey to Easter.
There are various ways that the Eleventh Street Church of God can help you to achieve your spiritual goals. Each Friday morning through March 23rd I will be leading a spiritual growth study entitled, “Journey to the Resurrection.” Our journey will include Bible Study, inspirational testimonies, and prayer as we seek to draw closer to who God wants us to become. Plan to participate in a journey of personal growth and renewal and invite others to walk with you along the path to greater spiritual maturity.
Another way that we draw closer to God is through praise and worship. Inspired music, God’s Word, fellowship with fellow believers enables us to experience the presence of God in a unique and special way. Your presence in worship encourages others to grow in their faith and commitment to God too.
Please note that a special opportunity has been afforded us. On Good Friday at 6:30 p.m. there will be an authentic Seder (Passover) meal provided. The location is yet to be determined.

Monday, March 12th

Everyone is Invited!! On Monday March 12th, the CWC will be meeting at 7 PM at the Church. Tammy (Hurst) Eshelman will be showing pictures and talk about her recent trip to the Holy Land.

February Monthly Newsletter 2018

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What Is “Meaningful Membership”?

“God’s true church is a church of which Christian experience makes one a member.” The Church of God Movement from its conception has always stood on the biblical truth that a true member in God’s church is only by faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. The following sited question “What is Meaningful Membership and answer are a wonderful, concise description of what a person who identifies with the Eleventh Street Church of God should consider. – Randy Shafer
1. The members of a church should be Christians. In Acts those who believed the gospel were added to the church (Acts 2:41, 47). Paul letters to churches are letters to Christians (Rom. 1 :7, 1 Cor. 1 :2). While no church will be able to perfectly discern who is and is not a Christian, every church should open its membership only to those who credibly profess faith in Christ.
2. The members of a church should be regular attenders. Church membership helps churches oversee the lives of their members. If someone doesn’t regularly attend, the church has no way of knowing how the person is doing.
3. Members view the church as their primary context for fellowship and ministry. “I’m a member of First Presbyterian Church, but my real ministry is” is an unbiblical way to begin a sentence. The New Testament is full of “one anothers” that were written to the members of local churches. That’s not to say that Christians shouldn’t fulfill those commands among Christians in other churches as occasion arises. Still, the New Testament envisions Christians fulfilling those commands primarily among a concrete group to whom they are accountable (e.g. 1 Cor. 12).
4. The members of a church should have certain biblical privileges and responsibilities. The members of a local church should have the privilege of being admitted to the Lord’s Supper.
They also have the responsibility to:
• Pray for the church.
• Be in transparent relationships with other church members in which they care for, encourage,
rebuke, teach, and learn from each other (Eph. 4:15-16).
• Submit to the church’s leadership and teaching (Heb. 13:17).
• Promote unity in the body (Eph. 41:3).
• Financially support the church’s ministry (Gal. 6:6).
• Use the spiritual gifts God has given them to build up the body however they can (1 Cor. 12:7).
Shared from 9Marks.
9Marks exists to equip church leaders with a biblical vision and practical resources for displaying God’s glory to the nations through healthy churches.

January Newsletter 2018

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Turning the Page in Our Journey

Pastor Randy Shafer

It is exciting to see how God has worked at the Eleventh Street Church of God in the year 2017. Through His work in and through the faithful people of the Eleventh Street Church of God we have begun to see the reality of a new and greater vision of God’s work in Canton, Ohio and beyond. There are some challenging, exciting opportunities in the development stage for 2017. You will also begin to see movement over the next few months as the leadership puts into motion a new and inspiring strategy for the development of our Faircrest Property.
May we continue to be faithful and sensitive to God’s guidance in fulfilling the
vision He has given us.
“Now glory be to God! By his mighty power at work within us, he is able to accomplish
infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope.” Ephesians 3:20 NLT
Doubt sees the obstacles…Faith sees the way:
Doubt sees the darkest night…Faith sees the day:
Doubt dreads to take a step…Faith soars on high,
Doubt questions…”Who believes?”
Faith answers…”I believe!”
Faith is the master builder. It has built every bridge across every chasm; every city on the wide-extended plains; every institution of learning whose doors are flung wide open to hungry minds; every church through whose gates of glory the worshipers come into its courts of praise.
The word of faith is, “All things are possible.” The strong point of faith is that it connects itself with the power of God that can find no difficulties. – Paul W. Powell

December Monthly Newsletter 2017

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What is important about the Christ’s Birthday Observance?
Project Prayer
States and countries with a Church of God presence are assigned a specific day in December to pray for the ministry of the church around the world.
The Christ’s Birthday Observance Offering is collected the Sunday
before Christmas as gift to the Christ Child. The money collected touches nearly every ministry in the Church of God.
Why should our church participate in the Christ’s Birthday Observance?
• Focus on Christ during the season of Advent (which often overtaken by commercialism).
• Share the story of Christ’s birth.
• Celebrate Advent in concert with Church of God congregations around the world.
• CBO has deep roots in the Church of God. The Observance, which began in 1949, continues to be one way Church of God congregations come together for the benefit of the Kingdom.
• In addition to prayer and devotion, CBO offers an opportunity to give to the combined ministry efforts of the Church of God in the largest offering in the Church of God.
You will receive in the mail a Christ Birthday Observance letter and envelope for the offering. There will also be extra envelopes available in the church narthex on the welcome table or you can ask an usher for one. Our church goal for the Christ Birthday Offering is $2,200.00.

We hope you and your family will make it to our many Christmas Events!



November Monthly Newsletter

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Lines forming at the Eleventh Street Church of God Family Fall Fest.

By Carl Stagner (Church of God News)

Like other parts of the country, weather in the Midwest can be unpredictable. Eleventh Street Church of God in Canton, Ohio, knows this fact firsthand. But one thing they can predict is God’s blessing when his people choose to be the hands and feet of Christ for a community event. As the northeast Ohio congregation recently discovered, the combination of great weather, effective promotion, and an amazing God is a recipe for unprecedented response. After preparing for a crowd of up to 300, following a year where only a couple hundred showed up, the church welcomed an estimated 1,000 people to their annual fall festival.
Ten times the number of people who call Eleventh Street Church of God home came to be a part of the event. The congregation of about a hundred-strong pooled their resources, recruited volunteers, and planned and executed a quality experience for the community. When the Facebook event they’d created started to indicate well over a thousand interested persons, event coordinator Jessica Hunt began to wonder. “We’ve done this on and off for years now,” she explains. “This time we were almost overwhelmed. When you look at the Facebook numbers, you know people don’t always make it who say they will. But when our lot filled up and people had to start parking on the grass by the time the event began, we knew this was going to be a lot bigger than we’d imagined!”
God worked it all out. “The nice thing about our congregation is we have key, ministry-focused families,” Jessica explains. “People were stepping up and saying, ‘How can I help?’ Someone would run to the store to get more hot dogs and ask what else they could get. They also freed our pastor from watching the bounce house to be able mingle.”
Because, after all, dozens of volunteers from a church of about a hundred don’t give up their Saturday (and numerous planning hours prior) just to play games and offer crafts and face painting for no reason. It’s about God’s love expressing itself through the local church. Pastor Randy Shafer, more than willing to serve as a bounce house monitor, was glad to be given the chance to engage the gathered crowd, reinforcing the reason they do what they do.
“The natural tendency of churches is to become ingrown, so we do a lot of effort to keep us looking out,” Randy explains. “We do a lot of outreach events. Our annual Thanksgiving Day meal is coming up, where we even carry out meals to people who have to work over the holiday. We do a food pantry, where attendees of our Thanksgiving meal can also walk away with a bag of groceries. We do a live nativity, an advent banquet, a NewYear’s Eve party, a Super Bowl party, an ice cream social, a backpack giveaway, Easter egg hunt, and host a sign-language choir for the deaf.” And the list continues. One might conclude that the church is too busy, but Pastor Randy explains that they space out the activities on the calendar and empower laypeople to do the ministry.
“I’m always trying to be sensitive to the fact that I don’t want to overload the church,” he explains. “A lot of the volunteers at one event are the same at another. But we have a great working group of leadership who want to do these things. Some of the events have grown out of one family that has taken charge and became the catalyst. To balance out our ministry, we don’t do some
traditional aspects of church, like a Sunday evening program. We work smart. It’s not too hard to cook up a couple hundred hot dogs on a very large gas grill. We also receive donations from people and organizations in the community that are more than willing to donate supplies. God provides, we empower others to lead, and we have a congregation that is very committed to our community.”
The twenty-three acres of ground where the church holds many of their annual events, including the Family Fall Fest, is also the property they already own on which the growing church anticipates the construction of its new facility. The Canton congregation is excited that a developing hub of community activity will one day be the location of its weekly worship services.