March Newsletter 2018


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Journey to the Resurrection

Lent is the Christian season of preparation before Easter. The goal is to strengthen our faith, spiritual disciplines and develop a closer relationship with God. The choice to observe Lent is a personal one—the whole point is to focus your heart and mind on Jesus during the journey to Easter.
There are various ways that the Eleventh Street Church of God can help you to achieve your spiritual goals. Each Friday morning through March 23rd I will be leading a spiritual growth study entitled, “Journey to the Resurrection.” Our journey will include Bible Study, inspirational testimonies, and prayer as we seek to draw closer to who God wants us to become. Plan to participate in a journey of personal growth and renewal and invite others to walk with you along the path to greater spiritual maturity.
Another way that we draw closer to God is through praise and worship. Inspired music, God’s Word, fellowship with fellow believers enables us to experience the presence of God in a unique and special way. Your presence in worship encourages others to grow in their faith and commitment to God too.
Please note that a special opportunity has been afforded us. On Good Friday at 6:30 p.m. there will be an authentic Seder (Passover) meal provided. The location is yet to be determined.

Monday, March 12th

Everyone is Invited!! On Monday March 12th, the CWC will be meeting at 7 PM at the Church. Tammy (Hurst) Eshelman will be showing pictures and talk about her recent trip to the Holy Land.